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Great Beginnings – First Things First:  Every great project, whether building a data center or installing solar panels is founded first in a great plan.  At Global Data Center Engineering, we take great care to meticulously plan every aspect of the projects we are involved in.  Whether the project is a facility build, a design certification, a cloud strategy or a infrastructure commissioning, our experience in each of these areas has helped us build an extensive repository of project and planning experience.    We build rigorous plans, with clearly defined scope, and then execute to those plans.   Read More


Resilient, Sustainable, Scalable: At the core of Global Data Center Engineering’s drive for effective design is sustainability. We utilize globally recognized standards to meet requirements of redundancy and resilience, ensuring that your design and build will meet with the highest standards. We utilize locally knowledgeable engineers to ensure meeting of all code requirements, and then we push beyond to create a sustainable, scaleable infrastructure design, which takes into account human error management and long term operations. Reducing Human Error Outage to ZERO is our mission. Read More


Operate, Adjust, Improve, Repeat : Continuous improvement is key to reducing error and eliminating outage. At Global Data Center Engineering, we focus on continuous improvement in every aspect of our business. Whether consulting strategy for a global shared services, a regional data center consolidation strategy, or a local migration from a private data center to a colocation facility, improvement at every stage is critical to us. We can help transform existing operations, optimize existing infrastructure and streamline your operations. We are passionate about continuous improvement. Read More

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Global Data Center Engineering (GDCE) is on a mission: To End Outage in the Data Center Caused by Human Error. We believe the core of that capability is first rooted in solid data center design, which includes designing for Human Error Management. Keeping Human Error Management at the forefront of design focus, coupled with a world class staff of highly experienced and certified professionals, sets us apart from other design practices.

At GDCE, we are passionate about data center design and operation. Ensuring that data centers perform to expected capability and beyond is our specialty. Have a data center that is not performing to expectations? Call us, and we can help. Need your data center validated by a 3rd party? Our expert teams have extensive global experience in validating and certifying data centers to known global standards.

Utilizing CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

Global Data Center Engineering creates Optimized solutions for difficult Data Center builds, modeling both internal and external elements.  Watch Now!


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