Global Data Center Engineering


Design and Facility Certification:  In the competitive data center market, having a globally recognized certification of the facility design and build adds value.  How?  In several ways.  First, it shows your clients and potential clients that you take your data center seriously.  A data center certification provides independent 3rd party validation that it meets the criteria of rigorous designs like those posed by TIA-942, BICSI, EN50600, Uptime Institute JDCC and many more.  GDCE are experienced in assessing the design and facility requirements of these standards utilizing a stringent ISO19011 audit process, to ensure your facility meets expectations.  Whether currently in design stage, or for built facilities, GDCE can boost your credibility, and provide you with detailed audit reporting that can be provided to your potential clients, reducing the due diligence time to bring them on board, while providing the expertise needed to ensure they are getting the robustness they expect.  Let GDCE help you close sales faster with a DC certification that meets your needs.  Read More Here!

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