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About GDCE


Global Data Center Engineering is more than just a design consultant. It is our responsibility to provide our clients with the finest designs, meeting globally recognized standards, and guarantee their certification by third party reviewers (for authorized DC certifying bodies).  That begins with our commitment and passion for the data center industry.  Since inception we have pressed the importance of effective, efficient, designs with an eye for value and operational excellence.  That is the Global Data Center Engineering difference.

We utilize the most modern scientific tools to provide data center designs which are at the forefront of industry technology.  Our design focuses not only on the critical systems and facilities that surround them, but also on the Human Element, and reducing risk and outage in the data center.  Whether you are moving data centers, building a new data center, transforming your existing data center, the modern principles and conceptual advantages we provide will apply.  Let us show you how we can lower the cost of operating your data center, or building a more efficient data center for your next project.

Global Data Center Engineering (GDCE) is on a mission: To End Outage in the Data Center Caused by Human Error. We believe the core of that capability is first rooted in solid data center design, which includes designing for Human Error Management. Keeping Human Error Management at the forefront of design focus, coupled with a world class staff of highly experienced and certified professionals, sets us apart from other consultancy practices.  We align those activities with world class design standards, ensuring your data center meets the tough requirements these standards demand.

At GDCE, we are passionate about data center design and operation. Ensuring that data centers perform to expected capability and beyond is our specialty.  Have a data center that is not performing to expectations?  Call us, and we can help.  Need your data center validated by a 3rd party?  Our expert teams have extensive global experience in validating and certifying data centers to known global standards. 


The Technology Difference

With decades of experience, in both critical systems and information technology systems, the team at GDCE have depth and breadth of both disciplines, and understand how to meet the evolving demands of information technology needs with flexible critical systems that enable re-configuring of the data center loads without down time.