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Global Data Center Engineering are thought leaders in the data center industry.  Across multiple disciplines in both critical systems and Information Technology, GDCE are at the forefront of data center innovation. We conduct independent research on a continuous basis, with an eye toward improving effectiveness while reducing implementation and operating costs.


As a global leader in data center industry trends and through leadership, GDCE has produced white papers which cover a range of topics and research covering the spectrum of data center issues.  Below are some of our technical white papers. 


Global Data Center Engineering is a leader in DC standards for design, operation and maintenance of data centers, adept in all modern standards.  We also specialize in understanding the local codes and ordinances required to meet regulatory and compliance issues.  Various papers produced on these topics are contained below.


We are frequently called upon to provide insight and presentations to groups like DatacenterDynamics, Data Center World, various Chambers of Commerce, Architectural Associations, various symposiums, as well as tailored topical discussions for events.  Some of our presentations can be found below.

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  • pdf Presentation - Hyperscale Disruptors
    Don't Point that Disruptor at Me!
    GDCE hyperscale disruptors in Japan's market including power challenges from climate change and rising electricity costs. Japan's aggressive sustainability goals are causing power reductions and an increased reliance on renewables. Despite a construction boom, progress is slowed by labor shortages. Future disruptions could be influenced by quantum computing, immersion cooling, and power solutions like fusion reactors. However, rapid tech advancements and associated waste from old equipment pose significant challenges for sustainable growth in the data center industry.
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  • pdf Presentation - Data Center Boom
    Resolving Power Challenges In Japan
    Global Data Center Engineering highlights Japan's energy evolution from two oil crises in the 1970s to an increase in nuclear power usage, which suffered after the 2011 quake. With the expansion of colocation and hyperscale facilities amidst land and power restrictions, there's a shift of focus towards urban regions. The presentation emphasizes rethinking data center demands, suggesting "Tier 0" processing, and proposes smaller, interconnected Edge DCs as a solution to Japan's limitations. Despite the constraints in accessing sustainable sources, the data center industry shows a proactive interest in achieving sustainability goals, aligning with Japan's commitment to Carbon Neutrality by 2050.
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  • pdf GDCE White Paper Series: Human Error Management and the Data Center
    Stupidity cannot be mitigated by expecting people not to do stupid things.
    This white paper is the starting discussion for Human Error Management in the Data Center. What are the causes and categories of Human Error, what are the other factors in data center outage, and how can these issues be addressed.
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  • pdf Dirty Little Secret of Data Center Standards - A 20 Year History
    This White Paper covers the history of the main design standards used by the data center industry. There are others that are not covered here, but they essentially get their basis from one of these 3 standards (whether they like to admit it or not).
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  • pdf White Paper : Electrical Load Testing
    This white paper examines the need for proper commissioning and the various differences between resistive and capacitive load bank testing.
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  • pdf Presentation: Data Center Forecast
    Data Center Forecast How Cloud Computing Impacts Data Center Design by Global Data Center Engineering
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