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“Build us a Data Center”.  Seems simple enough right?  Conceptually equivalent to “Design us a Car” or “Write us a Song”.
These are all concepts we can relate to.  When we hear the word “Car”, it creates an image in our mind.  When we hear the word “Song”, we may begin to hear a familiar tune in our head.

But to meet the requirements of your needs for a car, we need to know what you need out of your car.  Speed?  Trunk Space?  Two or four doors? Powered by petroleum, battery or steam?  Should we care how it is powered as long as it goes where we need it to go?  And for that matter, is it high-riding large four-wheel drive, or a curb grinding, road hugging sports car?

“Data Center” comes with even greater complexity.  The questions we need to ask are not always obvious.  Does it matter where we place the Air Conditioning Units?  We just want to cool the room right?  Does it matter if we put glass walls all throughout the data center?  We want it to “look cool” for the geeks, right?

Design of a data center consists of multiple stages.  Each have a purpose, and Global Data Center Engineering has the expertise and experience to deliver innovative, cost effective solutions at each stage of the process.

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