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Facility Transformation


MODataCenterOldSchoolWe have a philosophy: “The most efficient data center you have is the one you never build”.  If your data center looks something like the picture on the right, then it’s probably time to rethink deployment.  (Ok so that’s a little extreme).  But transforming an existing legacy data center to a modern productive data center is not without its challenges.

Most data centers will have live systems that need to keep running, but you may need to clear racks, rows or even an entire room in order to achieve significant transformation.  Global Data Center Engineering has a wealth of experience in performing these kinds of transformations.  In extreme cases, we have been able to reduce the physical foot print needed to run 160 racks of systems down to 16 racks.  Consolidation, micro-servers, virtualization are all tools in the transformation toolbox.  It also accounted for power reduction from 2kw per rack (160 x 2kw = 320kw) to 8kw per rack (16 x 8kW = 128kW) a reduction of 192kW and 432sq meters of floor space.

For your next transformation, discuss with us, and let us help transform your legacy data center into a high performing, cost-effective DC.  The ROI is obvious, and even a tech-refresh in some cases can bring your power usage down, while increasing compute capacity.


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