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Sustainability: Navigating the landscape of sustainability in the data center industry is more important now than ever. This topic, teeming with questions and potential solutions, could leave you wondering about your next steps. Which factors should you focus on and which can be categorized as mere “noise”? Perhaps you’re keen on implementing a solid sustainability plan but unsure of where to begin.

Look no further, as GDCE is here to serve as your committed partner and consultant in your sustainability journey. We aim to put you at the forefront of the industry, outracing the competition in an efficient manner.

As of now, seventy countries are committed to the pursuit of Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by 2050. Is your country on the list? More importantly, is your data center equipped to rise to the occasion? As 2030 and 2050 deadlines draw nearer, many voluntary standards are transitioning into mandatory requirements.

If you’re curious about how GDCE can guide your organization towards achieving its sustainability objectives, please reach out to us. We’re ready to assist your data center in navigating the complexities of sustainability and contributing to a greener future.  Read More Here!


計算流體動力學: 數據中心中的幾個事情比冷卻更重要。冷卻效率比簡單地將多一個空調機組放置在室內比有千瓦負載更多。事實上,由於室內空氣流動的缺陷,許多房間表現非常差。 GDCE是CFD建模,仿真和分析的全球領導者,利用FutureFacilities領先的建模工具,我們在數據中心內部和外部建立數據中心冷卻的最大優化。我們通過減少能源消耗來降低成本,同時通過消除最佳熱提取的障礙來最大限度地提高能力了解更多關於我們如何幫助您的差價合約需求 在這裡閱讀更多


在竞争激烈的数据中心市场,拥有全球认可的设施设计和建造认证增值。怎么样?在几种方式首先,它显示您的客户和潜在的客户,认真对待您的数据中心。数据中心认证提供独立的第三方证明,证明其符合TIA-942,BICSI,EN50600,正常运行时间研究所JDCC等等严格设计的标准。 GDCE在通过严格的ISO19011审核流程来评估这些标准的设计和设施要求方面有经验,以确保您的设备符合预期。无论目前在设计阶段还是建筑设施,GDCE都可以提高您的信誉,并为您提供详细的审计报告,以提供给潜在客户,减少尽职调查时间,同时提供所需的专业知识确保他们正在获得他们期望的健壮性。让GDCE通过符合您需求的DC认证帮助您更快地关闭销售。 在这里阅读更多

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