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TIA-942 Data Center Certification:

In the competitive data center sector, achieving a globally recognized certification significantly enhances your market standing and demonstrates your commitment to critical infrastructure standards. This third-party validation confirms your facility’s adherence to strict standards like TIA-942, showcasing resilience and reliability. At GDCE, our certification approach is anchored in ISO 19011 and ISO/IEC 17021 standards, guaranteeing comprehensive, impartial audits. Our vast engineering expertise spans small to hyperscale data centers, ensuring our practices meet the complex demands of today’s technology, including machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Partnering with GDCE not only elevates your facility’s credibility but also simplifies due diligence for potential clients, affirming your data center’s robustness and compliance. Our process, known for its depth and speed, aligns with your unique needs, accelerating the certification journey. With direct accreditation from the TIA Accreditation Body and adherence to international standards, GDCE stands as your ideal partner for fast-tracking your data center’s certification goals.

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Engineering Simulation

Engineering Simulation:  Engineering simulation offers a transformative approach for optimizing design, reducing time-to-market, and cutting costs by predicting system behavior under real-world conditions across structural, thermal, fluid, and electromagnetic applications. Leveraging these advanced simulations enables innovation, enhances product reliability, and streamlines development processes. It’s a strategic investment that empowers decision-making, drives efficiency, and secures a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced market.

Computational Fluid Dynamics: Also known as CFD.  Few things are more critical in a data center than its cooling.  There is more to cooling efficiency than simply putting one more air conditioning unit into the room than there are kilowatts of load.  In fact, many rooms perform very poorly due to flaws in air movement within a room.  GDCE are a global leader in CFD modeling, simulation and analysis, utilizing FutureFacilities leading modeling tools, we model both inside the data center, and outside for maximum optimization of the data center cooling.  We reduce cost by reducing energy utilized, while maximizing capacity by removing barriers to optimal heat extraction.

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Design Services

Design, Peer Review and ValidationIn today’s digital age, the backbone of any successful enterprise lies in its data center, making the engineering behind it more crucial than ever. Enter the realm of bespoke Data Center Engineering Services, where concept design isn’t just about laying the groundwork but about envisioning a future-proof, scalable architecture that seamlessly integrates with cutting-edge technology. Our approach begins at the drawing board, where innovation meets practicality, ensuring that every aspect of the data center from power distribution to cooling systems, is optimized for efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. It’s not just about building a facility; it’s about crafting a powerhouse that propels your business forward in the digital frontier.

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop at design. Through rigorous peer review, we bring a layer of scrutiny and expertise that is unparalleled, ensuring that every facet of the data center’s design and operation is scrutinized, refined, and aligned with the industry’s best practices. And as the final step in our comprehensive service suite, our commissioning process is second to none, meticulously testing and validating every system to guarantee peak performance from day one. With Data Center Engineering Services, you’re not just investing in a data center; you’re investing in resilience, efficiency, and the future of your enterprise. Read More Here!

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Global Data Center Engineering (GDCE) is on a mission: To End Outage in the Data Center Caused by Human Error. We believe the core of that capability is first rooted in solid data center design, which includes designing for Human Error Management. Keeping Human Error Management at the forefront of design focus, coupled with a world class staff of highly experienced and certified professionals, sets us apart from other design practices.

At GDCE, we are passionate about data center design and operation. Ensuring that data centers perform to expected capability and beyond is our specialty. Have a data center that is not performing to expectations? Call us, and we can help. Need your data center validated by a 3rd party? Our expert teams have extensive global experience in validating and certifying data centers to known global standards.

TIA-942-C data center standard has been approved to publish during the TR-42 Technical Committee plenary on 8 February 2024.  This milestone marks a two-year revision cycle where members from around the globe gathered three times a year to craft the most significant update that the standard has ever had.  We are excited to note that with this closure, GDCE was the stand-out leader in the revision, with 226 technical comments, nearly 100 editorial comments with over 250 of our comments accepted into the standard.  We accounted for 37% of all contributions to this revision of the standard.  We are very pleased with this outcome, and the TIA-942 standard is now stronger than ever, and GDCE have led the way.  (It takes the combined total of the next 4 contributors to equal our contribution to this standard.  Partner with a leader in the TIA-942 standard for certification.  We know it better than anyone!

Leading Contributor to TIA-942-C Leading Contributor to TIA-942-C