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Sustainability: Navigating the landscape of sustainability in the data center industry is more important now than ever. This topic, teeming with questions and potential solutions, could leave you wondering about your next steps. Which factors should you focus on and which can be categorized as mere “noise”? Perhaps you’re keen on implementing a solid sustainability plan but unsure of where to begin.

Look no further, as GDCE is here to serve as your committed partner and consultant in your sustainability journey. We aim to put you at the forefront of the industry, outracing the competition in an efficient manner.

As of now, seventy countries are committed to the pursuit of Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by 2050. Is your country on the list? More importantly, is your data center equipped to rise to the occasion? As 2030 and 2050 deadlines draw nearer, many voluntary standards are transitioning into mandatory requirements.

If you’re curious about how GDCE can guide your organization towards achieving its sustainability objectives, please reach out to us. We’re ready to assist your data center in navigating the complexities of sustainability and contributing to a greener future.  Read More Here!


Computational Fluid Dynamics: Few things are more critical in a data center than its cooling.  There is more to cooling efficiency than simply putting one more air conditioning unit into the room than there are kilowatts of load.  In fact, many rooms perform very poorly due to flaws in air movement within a room.  GDCE are a global leader in CFD modeling, simulation and analysis, utilizing FutureFacilities leading modeling tools, we model both inside the data center, and outside for maximum optimization of the data center cooling.  We reduce cost by reducing energy utilized, while maximizing capacity by removing barriers to optimal heat extraction.  To learn more about how we can help with your CFD and engineering simulation needs  Read More Here!


TIA-942 Data Center Certification:  In the competitive data center market, having a globally recognized certification of the facility design and build adds value.  How?  In several ways.  First, it shows your clients and potential clients that you take your data center seriously.  A data center certification provides independent 3rd party validation that it meets the criteria of rigorous standards like TIA-942.  GDCE are experienced in assessing the design and facility requirements utilizing a stringent ISO 19011 audit process, ensuring facility meets the criteria for the selected rating.  Whether currently in design stage, or an as-built facility, GDCE can boost your credibility, and provide you with detailed audit reporting that provides potential clients with value add like reducing the due diligence time, while ensuring the data center has the robustness they expect.  Let GDCE help you close sales faster with a DC certification that meets your needs.  Read More Here!

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Global Data Center Engineering (GDCE) is on a mission: To End Outage in the Data Center Caused by Human Error. We believe the core of that capability is first rooted in solid data center design, which includes designing for Human Error Management. Keeping Human Error Management at the forefront of design focus, coupled with a world class staff of highly experienced and certified professionals, sets us apart from other design practices.

At GDCE, we are passionate about data center design and operation. Ensuring that data centers perform to expected capability and beyond is our specialty. Have a data center that is not performing to expectations? Call us, and we can help. Need your data center validated by a 3rd party? Our expert teams have extensive global experience in validating and certifying data centers to known global standards.

Global Data Center Engineering are a key sponsor to Data Center World Expo 2017 in Singapore October 11 – 12.

Our Technical Director, Scott Payton will be speaking there on the topic of Human Error Management in the Data Center.

Please join us at DCWorld Expo Booth B42. See More Here!


GDCE Major Sponsor DCWorld Expo 2017 GDCE Major Sponsor DCWorld Expo 2017

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