GDCE Group

Brown Field

Finding the right location for the build of a data center requires deep understanding of the factors that influence what long-term effect the choice will have on the viability, cost and market of a new facility.  Leveraging existing structures reduces costs and reduces waste, while contributing positively to the local economy and job market. Global Data Center Engineering has covered the globe, creating a rich risk profile of natural and human disaster vulnerabilities, coupled with deep local knowledge of capability, cost, resource availability, proximity to services that can make a brown field build a success.
We have deep relationships with global commercial real estate agents who can target properties that match the criteria that we work with you to develop.  GDCE complete the due diligence process for each step of the way, ensuring that the site you choose, no matter where on the planet, will deliver the goals and objectives that your business requires when selecting a location to build a new data center.  Whether it is 4 racks or 40,000 racks, our team have the depth and breadth of experience to identify, certify and negotiate favorable terms for the life of the data center.