GDCE Group

Engineering Simulation

Engineering Simulation:  Engineering simulation offers a transformative approach for optimizing design, reducing time-to-market, and cutting costs by predicting system behavior under real-world conditions across structural, thermal, fluid, and electromagnetic applications. Leveraging these advanced simulations enables innovation, enhances product reliability, and streamlines development processes. It’s a strategic investment that empowers decision-making, drives efficiency, and secures a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced market.

Computational Fluid Dynamics: Also known as CFD.  Few things are more critical in a data center than its cooling.  There is more to cooling efficiency than simply putting one more air conditioning unit into the room than there are kilowatts of load.  In fact, many rooms perform very poorly due to flaws in air movement within a room.  GDCE are a global leader in CFD modeling, simulation and analysis, utilizing FutureFacilities leading modeling tools, we model both inside the data center, and outside for maximum optimization of the data center cooling.  We reduce cost by reducing energy utilized, while maximizing capacity by removing barriers to optimal heat extraction.

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